Q. What is Blessing Vault?

Blessing Vault is a donation-based crowdfunding platform whereby individuals or businesses can donate money through the website towards a common collaborative goal without expecting anything in return other than a spiritual blessing or a simple "thank you" from the recipients.

Q. What differentiates Blessing Vault from other Crowdfunding websites?

First and foremost, we are a privately owned and funded, Christian based business who believes and trusts that God truly wants to bless you and can use other people to do so.  Our goal is to generate both emotional and financial support via a faith-based group of contributors.   There are many Crowdfunding websites, a few of which are also religous based that you can choose from to post your fundraising campaign. One key differentiator is that Blessing Vault employs a very strict blessing request campaign review policy.  This limits and restricts the type of requests to people who have taken the time to demonstrate and justify to our review team their need for a blessing request.

Blessing Vault never defers or holds your donations and you do not have to wait until the end of your Blessing Request campaign to gain access to your campaign contributions.. You receive them instantly in your WePay account as soon as the funds have been "captured" from the funding source (credit cared or ACH eCheck).   We do not have access to your WePay account and have no control over any funds that you receive.  You may withdraw your funds daily, weekly or monthly on a pre-defined schedule you personally establish when you create your WePay account.  You have total control of your money through your personal WePay account that you maintain and control.

If you have never created or participated in an online crowdfunding campaign and you are not computer savy, we will even setup a web conference to help you get started.  Most users find that Blessing Vault is so intuitive and easy to use they do not require any assistance.  Be sure to read all of the postings in our online Help Center before you attempt to create your campaign so you will already be familiar with the application.

Q. How long does it take for a donation payment to be available to withdraw?

When your Blessing Request campaign receives a contribution, it typically takes a minimum of 2 days and sometimes up to 4 days before the credit card or ACH payment will be completed.  Initially the payment will display on your WePay dashboard as "Authorized" and when the payment is approved, then the status will change to "Captured".  Once the status changes to "Captured", then the funds will automatically transferred to the bank account linked to your WePay account based on the schedule you selected when you setup your WePay account.

The withdrawal schedule can be daily, weekly or monthly and you can change that schedule anytime via your WePay dashboard.

Q. How much does Blessing Vault cost?

Signing up as a user, contributor or blessing request owner is free. However, there is a standard Blessing Vault administration fee levied on any funds raised through the website, which is 5% of actual funds raised regardless of whether or not you meet your goal.

In addition, there is a 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction fee for credit and debit cards levied by WePay, our payment processor.

ACH (check) costs 1% + 30 cents. WePay also provides tools to verify customers’ bank accounts at no additional cost. WePay charges $15 for failed ACH payments.

All fees are the responsibility of the recipient or beneficiary of a donation who typically is the owner of the Blessing Request campaign.   Blessing Vault does not have access to any funds collected by campaign owners nor do we defer or hold payments or withdrawals.  WePay is the sole authority and executor regarding held or pending payments and withdrawals including any chargebacks and cancellation of payments a campaign owner has captured in their WePay account.

Q. How and when do funds get collected and paid?

Blessing request campaign owners (aka recipients) receive funds instantly less any Blessing Vault or WePay fees.  Owners do not have to wait until their goal amount is reached or the target date has passed in order to receive funds.

Contributors can donate using credit cards or ACH check through our WePay payment processor. Once you’re set up with WePay and have activated your account, transfers automatically arrive in your bank account on a schedule that you define such as daily, weekly or monthly.  Transfers normally require 2-3 days to arrive in your bank account.

Please note that payments will not be withdrawn until the transaction payment status has changed from "Authorized" to "Captured" on your WePay dashboard.  You may see payment transactions that have a status of "Expired" and if so, that is an indication the contributor started the checkout process to make a donation but never successfully completed the process.

There are many reasons a contributor may not be able to complete the payment process one of which is a network connectivity issue or the contributor may have changed their mind and decided not to make a donation.

Blessing Vault does not have access to your personal WePay account nor can we communicate with WePay on your behalf.  All questions regarding your WePay account, donations received and withdrawals to your personal bank account must be directed to WePay by opening a support ticket with WePay.  You will find a link for HELP on your WePay account dashboard.

Q. Does WePay have donation restrictions?

Yes, WePay is very "trust oriiented" and all activity is screened and monitored to ensure compliance with their poilcies and service agreement.  Be sure to refer to the their Terms of Service page on the WePay website.  Fraud is serious and any attempt to fraudently collect funds or make payments will result in immediate closure of your WePay account with no advance warning.  For example, you cannot create a campaign and then make donations to yourself to transfer funds from one bank account or credit card to another. Doing so will result in immediate closure of your WePay account, any donations will be automatically refunded and your blessing request campaign will be inactivated.

Every campaign donation is scrunitized by WePay and Blessing Vault does not have any control or influence with WePay to avoid account cancellation for non-adherence to their Terms of Service policy. In addition, if you do not comply WePay will cancel your account with no advance warning or notice.  Any donations you have received will automaticaly be refunded by WePay to your contributors.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum donation amount?

The minimum donation amount is $5.00 and the maximum is set to $2,500.  If you wish to make a larger donation to a blessing request campaign, contact the campaign owner and arrange to wire or mail a check.  They will then be able to deposit the check in their bank account and update the Blessing Vault contribution system with the amount of your donation along with your name (optional).  Your contribution will be included in the campaign total displayed on Blessing Vault even though you did not submit your payment via WePay.

Q. Does Blessing Vault ascertain a blessing request?

Blessing Vault does not ascertain or verify that the owner/submitter of a blessing request is being truthful and accurate in the description of their submission.  However, we do review and accept or deny all submissions to ensure policy compliance and adherence. If a submission needs clarity or further justification, we will request the additional information be provided before approving the request.  All claims and responsibilities of each blessing request remain with the owner/submitter of the request.  Potential contributors must assess a blessing request legitimacy or worthiness and decide whether or not they want to make a donation.

Blessing Vault carefully reviews every blessing request submission and if it does not comply with our Terms of Service policy, it will be rejected. We strive to ensure every blessing request is valid, not fraudulent and worthy of every contributor's financial endorsement.

Q. Do you recommend connecting with Facebook,Twitter or LinkedIn?

Yes, we do! It's a simple way for anyone to log into Blessing Vault. Instead of logging in with your email address and password each time to access your Blessing Vault dashboard, you simply click on one of the social media icons and you will be instantly logged into Blessing Vault.

If you want to get the word out quickly, it's a great way to let contributors know a little bit more about you. It's an easy way to show contributors you're a real person since they can connect to your Facebook profile. You may also edit the privacy settings of your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account to control what info is displayed.

At this time we do not support automatic authentication and login with Google or any other social media application.

Q. What Countries Are Supported?

Blessing Vault "blessing request" usage is limited to countries that are supported by our payment partner, WePay. Click here to view WePay official statement regarding International Support.  Please note that WePay cannot support the following U.S.territories therefore you will be unable to use Blessing Vault create a blessing request campaign:
American Samoa
Northern Mariana Islands
Puerto Rico
U.S. Virgin Islands